At Namasté we create garments in which we relax, we feel comfortable in, we live.
With earthy color palettes, soft textures, exceptional denim. At Namasté, we draw outside the lines.

We address those who choose garments that stand out and deviate from the mainstream norms imposed by the fashion industry.

The Namasté team approaches clothing through a humanistic point of view, paying attention to detail and the special characteristics of the garments and accessories that compliment them.

We aim at dressing every moment of the day and creating an experience. A greeting that honors the person inside us and next to us. A gesture – palms pressed together in front of the heart – to show gratitude and appreciation. A breath…

So, we took a deep breath and in a time of creative maturity we started a new brand. We named it Namasté.

In times when the sources of information are unlimited, we choose to clear our mind through minimal and innovative aesthetics.

So, “Namasté”… We breathe deeply, relax and enjoy our journey with our collection.

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